Reunion - 21st Auust 2010 - St Teresa's Catholic Club UpHolland

Judging by the comments made to me on the night, the 60's reunion on Saturday 21st August seemed to be enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks to all who attended the reunion and thanks to those who as well as buying tickets also kindly gave donations to the upkeep of the website.Thanks for travelling from all over England and Wales and our "overseas" visitors David Molyneux, Steve Wright and Steve Clarke.

Thanks to Mr Ellis, our old headmaster, who's attendance was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

I would especially like to thank Tommy Derbyshire, Dave Carter and Clive Pitts for their help and advice during the organising of the reunion and for all their help on the night which enabled me be able to fully enjoy the evening.

Thanks to Peter Normanton, who on the friday was forced to pull out of attending the reunion, but sent an amusing recording featuring those famous footsteps in the corridor before school assembly and two versions of the school anthem, the original which led to all the guests joining in and a brilliant "jazzed up" version. Thanks to Steve Clarke for his help in promoting the reunion and his help, advice and amusing emails !!

Thanks to everyone who on the night brought school magazines, photos etc that made the reunion more interesting. Anyone with magazines or photos that I can copy and use on the website please contact meIf you took photos at the reunion please send copies. Thanks to Brian Jones, UGS german teacher, for donating a unused school blazer badge which will be raffled or auctioned at a later date.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and my only regret is that it passed so quickly and I did not have time to chat with everybody. To everyone who attended I would like to say please keep in touch and please keep viewing the website - David Robinson

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