Mugs61 - For all ex-pupils of UpHolland Grammar School and anyone with an interest in UpHolland Grammar School. It covers the history of the school from its humble start in 1661 up to it's transformation into Winstanley College now one of the most highly rated colleges in the country.

<The Original School Building in School Lane UpHolland

Within the site as well as the history of the school you will find a large selection of other information relating to the school. 

Photos from the early 1900's onwards covering all aspects of school life including school photos and sports.

School magazines and Documents relating to school matters.

Also school memories, teachers, reunions and news and emails from old pupils.

Winstanley College.

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Urgent information regarding the Future of Mugs61 website

I started the Mugs61 website about 20 yrs ago for ex-pupils from the early sixties and because of it’s popularity extended it to include any ex-pupils who attended UpHolland Grammar school.

It remains the top site if UpHolland Grammar is entered in a search engine and has helped many people to trace old friends or information about relatives that attended UGS or information about the school itself. It still receives hundreds of views weekly.
The website contains loads of information ranging from the history of the school to photos going back as far as the early 1900’s, school magazines and documents. It would be a shame if all this information was not readily available for anyone to access when required.
 My health hasn’t been good recently and along with other family commitments I am unable to keep running the site and if no other way of keeping the site going is found it will close by the end of the year.
For the Mugs61 website to continue for years to come it requires two things - 
Firstly it requires someone or several people to take over running the site.. Anyone taking over the site can do as much or as little with it as they want. More information can be easily added or they could just deal with enquiries from anyone wanting information.
Secondly the site is funded by donations and the money will run out by the end of the year. Many people use the site but it has been a regular few that have helped with donations.
If all the people who like the site made a small donation it will keep it going for many years. The cost of the site and other small expenses come to around £200 per year. Also the site could be funded through sponsorship if any local businesses are interested.
I would be interested to hear from anyone with ideas to keep the site going.


Check out the History page -


 Article on UpHolland Grammar School through the ages by Nicola Gray published in Wigan edition of LocalLife magazine in March 2022

If you don’t receive this magazine it can be found online at

5/4/22 -

Sad news received today from Ian Pilkington that Graeme Finch from the 1960 intake passed away on Saturday April 2nd after a short illness.


I received the sad news today that my old school mate, from the 1961 intake, George Bate had sadly passed away. we were good mates at school and i was able to meet up with him again at the last reunion in 2014.




Winstanley College have put up a plaque in honour of H.B. Ellis.

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