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The site was originally started for pupils who were in the intake that started in 1961, then it was extended to include all pupils who were at Up Holland Grammar. Anyone who attended Up Holland Grammar at any time is welcome to contibute their memories of a great school and a wonderful period in our lives - "the best days of our life"

Hi everyone! Welcome to the new look Mugs61 website - Hope you like it Please let me know your views via the comments page.


Hi everyone. As many of us fall into the age group or have underlying medical reasons you may be self isolating at the moment.So if you are starting to get bored and climbing the walls maybe it's a good time to contact old school friends for a phone or Facetime chat. Take care everyone, keep healthy and active and if you need help don't be afraid to ask for it.


Message received 19/11/2020 from Valery Tomey

I am trying to locate pupils who remember my  brother ALAN  PARR. names
 I remember are Alan Gerrard, Charlie Dickinson and his wife Olwyn nee Ball.We lived on Lodge Rd Orrell when Alan attended UGS. Sadly my brother Alan died on Thursday 12th November, after suffering for some months in hospital.This was not Covid. If anyone wishes to contact me,Valerie nee Parr my number is 01270 381576, Sandbach, His wife Barbara  would be glad to know that I’ve been able to make contact,Alan supported Friends reunited. He was 82 when he died.I have posted a photo on the Mugs61 Messenger.
thank you if you can help.


I received the sad news yesterday that former UGS pupil Tim Iball has sadly passed away.
Tim was in the intake that started in 1962. My condolences to his family and friends.

3/6/2020 -  Very sad to hear the news that Harold Lea former woodwork teacher at UpHolland Grammar, who played in goal for Wigan Athletic during their non-league days, has died at the age of 88 after testing positive for Covid-19.

The Future of Mugs61 website

I set up the mugs61 website over 15yrs ago and it has developed into one of the main sites  about UpHolland Grammar school featuring a collection of information, photos, magazines and documents relating to our old school. It is also a valuable tool in keeping old pupils in touch with each other and for people to track down old schoolmates. It still consistently gets thousands of hits per month.

For the first few years I paid the costs of the site myself then financed it through money raised from the first two reunions I organised, a few kind donations and some sponsorship which has now ceased. As you know the money raised from the last two big reunions were donated to cancer charities. Now the money in the website pot will soon be all gone. Over the years I've invested my own time and money into the site but feel that if old pupils want to keep this usefull website going I am going to need donations or sponsorship.

I have set up a collecting pool on paypal where donation can be made,

or you can contact me direct at if you wish to help.


Thankyou to everyone who has helped now and in the past to keep this great website going.

David Robinson -

I am very lucky that three old schoolmates have become Authors. Phil Rickman has been a sucessful author for a number of years now and has been joined recently by Barry Dalal-Clayton and Trevor Hughes. Those English lessons back in the sixties must have done some good!I have read and enjoyed several of Phil's books and my wife, Sandra, is a big fan. I have just finished Barry's book which I really enjoyed and now intend to get and read Trevor's recently released novel.

I would be happy to hear from, and give a mention to, any other UpHolland Grammar authors who have had novels published.

Email receivedon 9/7/2018 from Andrea Hosker (nee Lowe). Anyone recocognise yourselves in the photo?

I taught at Upholland GrammarSchool (as Miss Lowe) half a century ago. The photo is of our wedding at which, to my delight, the pupils shown here turned up, having trailed all the way to Scarisbrick to attend. It's our Golden Wedding this month and I would love to know how those wonderful students are now- I so hope they've been as blessed as
I have been and had happy and fulfilling lives in the 50 years that have raced away since. Mike and I don't look much older than the pupils here and certainly Fuad seems to have more gravitas than I've ever managed ! I loved every minute of my time at Upholland, especially producing "The Proposal" and "Antigone" with such dazzling casts!
Jane Abbot ( now Jane Bibby) was our bridesmaid that day and has been a very special friend ever since, continuing my link with those unforgettable days. She's just enjoying the arrival of a 3rd grandchild, - we're juggling 9 grandchildren, shoe- horned into a very busy whirlpool of a life, despite our 75 years. My vision of retirement spent leafing through Proust in long, leisurely, sunlit hours was a naive dream ! ....
May I send very best wishes to all those I taught and all those who taught alongside me, and from whom I learnt much, in my brief idyll at Upholland, adding my thanks for the memories and my love, Andrea. ( Hosker.)


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Upholland Grammar School Educational Foundation

On Monday 6th November 2017 I attended a meeting at Winstanley College as a trustee of the UGS Education Foundation. This charity gives grants to students from families with limited incomes. Further details are available on the UGS Education Foundation page.  -  D. Robinson

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A selection of photos have kindly been sent from Diane Thomas who was Gym Mistress 1960 to 1963

You can see these photos on the photos page under the 1960's section




  New entry on school memories page from Reinhard Fritsch, German assistant in the school year 1973/74.

(including photos)

School Magazines

I am currently scanning the 1962 school magazine which is quite a big one so may take a while.

There are still a lot of schol magazines to be scanned but it is a slow job. Is anyone interested in scanning a few magazines and then sending me the files to put online. It would help to get new content on the website quicker. If you're interested email me at .





Winstanley College have put up a plaque in honour of H.B. Ellis.

see more on Headmasters page - click here

Up Holland Grammar old pupil - Catherine Ashton

Message from David Robinson - 

Will Barbara Phillips (Webb) who left a comment on the Guestbook on Thursday 9th May 13, please email me at the website as an old friend is trying to contact her.



Details and dates of all headmasters of UpHolland Grammar.

On 9th September Diamond Jubilee Celebrations were held at Winstanley College marking 60 yrs since the building officially opened when Up Holland grammar school moved from it's old premises in Ox House road to the new building in Winstanley road.

During the afternoon school tours were run enabling old pupils to reminisce seeing parts of the college still resembling the way it was, and to marvel at the new buildings and facilities available to the students now attending Winstanley College. In the evening a great 1950's themed show was performed by the present day students.

I would like to thank the college Princial, Louise Tipping, and all her staff for being so friendly and making us welcome and putting up with over 90 old pupils wandering round the college whilst classes were going on. I would especially like to thank the Vice Principal, Mel Chadwick, and Laura Barker for all their help during the time we worked with them organizing the Diamond Jubilee.

Please go to the Diamond Jubilee page to see photos from the afternoon school tours and the evening show.

Click HERE to go to Diamond Jubilee page




 A short history of Up Holland Grammar courtesy of Dr Alan Miller.

David and Phil Reunited




Latest news and emails from old pupils.

H. B. Ellis, George Lythgoe and "Reg" Kilner

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Photos and memories of our old teachers

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Photos from the 2014, 2010 and 2005 reunions

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A Collection of School related photos from the early 1900's through to the 1970's.

David and two Steves at Butlins


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A collection of school related documents - sports and speech day programmes, exam papers, memorials etc.



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