Mugs61 - For all ex-pupils of UpHolland Grammar School and anyone with an interest in UpHolland Grammar School. It covers the history of the school from its humble start in 1661 up to it's transformation into Winstanley College now one of the most highly rated colleges in the country.

<The Original School Building in School Lane UpHolland

Within the site as well as the history of the school you will find a large selection of other information relating to the school. 

Photos from the early 1900's onwards covering all aspects of school life including school photos and sports.

School magazines and Documents relating to school matters.

Also school memories, teachers, reunions and news and emails from old pupils.

Winstanley College.

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The Future of Mugs61 website

I set up the mugs61 website nearly 20yrs ago and it has developed into the main site about UpHolland Grammar school featuring a collection of information, photos, magazines and documents relating to our old school. It is also a valuable tool in keeping old pupils in touch with each other and for people to track down old schoolmates. It still consistently gets thousands of hits per month.

For the first few years I paid the costs of the site myself then financed it through money raised from the first two reunions I organised, a few kind donations and some sponsorship which has now ceased. As you know the money raised from the last two big reunions were donated to cancer charities. Now the money in the website pot will soon be all gone. Over the years I've invested my own time and money into the site but feel that if old pupils want to keep this usefull website going I am going to need donations or sponsorship.

 Thankyou to the faithful few who have helped keep the site going with their donations over the years and in view of the thousands of hits the site receives I'm sure there are others who would be willing to make a small donation to keep this great school site going.

Because of my age and health situation I would be happy to hand over the reins of running the website to a younger ex-pupil if anyone was interested.

You can contact me direct at if you wish to help.




Winstanley College have put up a plaque in honour of H.B. Ellis.

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