A selection of photos from Diane Thomas who was Gym Teacher at UGS 1960 - 1963.

More school related photos from the 1960's

Prefects1959 - 1960 (Image 22)

Boys back row left to right: -John Richardson, Keith Ashcroft, John Done, Bill Lythgoe, Frank Anderton, John Price, Barry Eden, Martin Maclean, John (or Alan) Jones. (Thanks to John Done, Head Boy 1960, for the photo and names.)
Girsl in middle row:Norma Rigby, Doreen Broxton, Audrey McIlhagga (? spelling), Brenda (?) Blackledge, Pauline Quigley
Front row:Marian Statter, Jill(or Gill) Gore, Ellis Cheetham, Miss Davies, Mr Ellis, Mr John, Sheila Appleton, Anne Starkey, Unknown

A photograph of Mr Bradshaw Head of French in conversation with a Gendarme on the school trip to Paris. The Paris trip would be in 1960

From Keith Ashcroft who was at UGS from 1953 to 1960..




Sliding in the Quad in the famous Winter of 62.

Billy Lyon crashing with Jim Dudson sliding down followed by Mervin Henderson.




Crashing on the slide in the same winter.

Raymond ‘Soll’ Holland on top with David Petrie, and on the ground Richard Arstall and John Blackledge.





Mike Taylor adding the final touches.






In depth discussion on quad

Billy Lyon having a discussion with Jammy Gill and gang, with Johnny Mason sneaking around the back.

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