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  • Katharine Martindale (Thursday, October 19 23 03:36 am BST)

    Has anyone any info - photos, magazines etc from the 1920's? Interested in finding information on my grandmother Brenda Allen who attended (born 1913)

  • Susan phillip (Tuesday, March 28 23 09:07 pm BST)

    Trying to contact patricia sell who attended us in the 60s

  • Joan Harrison (Wednesday, August 31 22 11:31 am BST)

    Notification - Norman Arthur Lowe, a former pupil, died 11-August 2022. I have added this with the permission of his two sisters, Pat and Kathleen-also former U.G.S. pupils.

  • mark pilling (Monday, August 22 22 04:43 pm BST)

    Sad to hear about the death of Eddie Scholes. Any further details, where interred? I wish to pay my respects.

  • Alan Porter (Wednesday, November 24 21 02:28 am GMT)

    I was at UGS 1948 to 1955. Am I the only one still alive ??
    Alan Porter.

  • alan poter (Friday, October 22 21 02:50 am BST)

    biology teacher, steve jones

  • Alan Porter (Thursday, May 10 18 02:06 am BST)

    Perhaps I should mention that I am not the Alan mentioned by Jennifer below.

    I see that I have had no responses to my request. I am 82 years old now, perhaps I have out-lived all my old school mates. How sad.

  • Alan Porter (Monday, February 05 18 02:38 am GMT)

    I was in the 1948 intake, left in 1955 for a medical career. Now living on Vancouver Island in Western Canada. Does anyone remember me ?

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